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Stories I’d like to see you submit to Dark Moon Digest

Okay, folks. We all know that Dark Moon Digest pretty much rocks. I mean, in a world where print anthologies are being slowly fossilized in a landfill covered over with the millions of excess E.T. video games Atari produced in the eighties (yeah, critical oversight when they made more games than they’d made platforms to support the games), Dark Moon Digest is swimming against the current of change. If video game programmers like Amaranth games can resurrect the 16-bit adventure RPG days of the original Legend of Zelda and be supported by a a wealth of gamers who like to keep independent game developers in the know (thank you for supporting the arts), then why can’t Dark Moon Digest draw on a wealth of readers who like to keep independent horror writers in the know?

Bottom line: we need you.

People submit to Dark Moon Digest for the same reasons you will. They want to see their names in print. Not online. They can already find their names online. They can publish their own blogs, they can write their own Wikis, and they can set up their own websites. But that isn’t what writers are looking for. Nothing exceeds the rush of seeing your name printed on paper. Websites crash, but books can last forever. Not to mention the incredible satisfaction that comes from being selected. The feeling you get when your story is chosen out of four hundred submissions to be printed with just a handful of other great writers in a selective anthology published by real, professional writers working for a real, professional publisher. We receive about that many submissions. That tells you how selective we have to be when we only print between 6 and 12 of them.

So what does this mean for you? It means if you submit to our little magazine, then you have a chance to not only be great by being in print, but to also help us to be great. Support us. Purchase a copy of our issue and, in so doing, you not only support the arts. You not only support the gasping body of printed work everywhere. You not only support new writers seeking new fame and new glory. You also support a team of artists seeking to bring you something great: the chance to be selected. The chance to see your name in print.

Isn’t that what you’re in it for?

So, if you don’t already have a copy of issue 2, please go get yours now. And know that issue 3 will be out in March and it is packed with even more brilliant stories and submissions, if possible, than our first two installments of this series. Because, frankly, as we produce more issues, we not only attract more intelligent and powerful writers, but we also grow ourselves and improve our own game.

Having said all of that, let me mention some story topics I’d like to see in Dark Moon Digest:

Death by Video Game

Death by Board Game

Death by Trashy Teen Horroromance Novel

Death by B-TV Horror Series

Zombies that don’t look or act anything like Romero’s or Raimi’s walking dead creatures

Vampires that don’t have long, immortalized love lives but act like the monsters they are, or find me a real vampire and tell me his or her or zir story

Witches who are powerful, strong, amazing women and not evil or in league with the devil at all, but fighting against monsters

Werewolves who are not animalistic by day, but peaceful warriors (and humans are real villains)

There’s your challenge. Change the plots. Recreate the archtype. Challenge the image. It’s all game. Bring it.

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